FMIS Portal

The Board has launched Financial Management Information System (FMIS). This system will automate and integrate processes carried out within Board and its DMUs and PMUs including procurement, monitoring and evaluation reporting, operations (of trainings) trainee management, ICT solutions, and accounting. Above and beyond the benefits that it is offering to its users at Board, it also contains relevant web links for the benefit of training partners, PMUs, trainees and general guest users.

Database and Back End MIS Panels:
This is dedicated database website with MySQL backend DB support
Dedicated MIS Panels for managing E-Registration and attendance, BBSHRRDB System, BBSHRRDB Master DB, E-PMR system and BBSHRRDB Auto Placement System .

Online Application Form

The Board has dedicated Online Application form. This unique application form is well coded to ensure receiving of only generic and valid applications for trainings. Some Features of Online Application Form are given below.
Pre-Scrutiny and validation.
Check whether training already availed in trainees’ database.
Check already submitted application database using provided CNIC
Check age from given date of birth.
If main application form will be accessible when above mentioned checks were cleared.
Application form will automatically calculate score of merit from educational marks.
Application form will only be submitted, when all mandatory fields are entered.
Online Application form generates acknowledgement slip with reference ID on successful submission of online form.

The Board has a dedicated web-portal for training institutes where the institutes can register only valid trainees, who are placed, by MIS-Board, in their institutes.
Training institutes can generate electronic offer letters and electronic ID cards. Click Training Provider Login (New MIS) or Training. Provider Login (Old Portal) to reach to training providers’ login area.
After joining of candidates’; institutes can view trainee wise registration they can also generate report and export database in many formats. Management can view day to day joining status of registered trainees, institute wise, district wise and trade wise etc.

Online Attendance
Training provider can update attendance of trainees on daily basis; resultantly stipend will be processed timely without waiting for receipt of monthly attendance of trainees’ form the training provider. Portal has the ability to calculate the trainees’ monthly stipend/ dislocation amount without indulging staff in manual calculations. Attendance data can also be exported in excel format as well.
Every Program Officer of the Board after generating payment of training cost and stipend sheets shall send the same to IT/MIS section for verification.

Relevant Access to Web Portal to Training Providers
Institutes / PSTPs have dedicated ID based web-portal where they can register valid trainee, generate E-ID card and E-Offer letter and dedicated E-attendance portal / Biometrics where they can mark attendance to each trainee.

Simply sumbit your online application, our team will intimate you if you are matching all the criteria. You will be placed in neareast institution accoring to program guidlines and placment algorithm.
Selection criteria is; District Placement Plan, Age bracket (18-35) Qualification ( literate , semi-literate / course specific) Domicile ( Sindh) Trade preference District wise allocation of seats Gender (preference)
BBSHRRDB verify each candidate though digital mechanishm, the online application form validate credintials from our master database, we have dedicated web-based FMIS-System for verication of each candidate. Finnaly BBSHRRDB use NADRA Verisys Technology for verification purpose.
No you can not apply again. BBSHRRDB offers only one time training to each candidate.

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