Account and Finance Wing, BBSHRRDB

Accounts wing of the Board is responsible for day to day afairs related to budget, accounts and finance. Accounts team is responsible to manage the accounts entries on FMIS software, The team is also responsible to;
Prepare vouchers
Prepare cheques for Public & Private Sector Institutions
Prepare Bank lists for disbursment of stipend
Prepare SOEs for Assistant Directors in of DMUs prepare Salaries of staff, etc.

Accounts Officers

Wali Muhammad Chandio (BPS-17)
Muhammad Adnan Shaikh (BPS-17)
Arsalan Aslam

Simply sumbit your online application, our team will intimate you if you are matching all the criteria. You will be placed in neareast institution accoring to program guidlines and placment algorithm.
Selection criteria is; District Placement Plan, Age bracket (18-35) Qualification ( literate , semi-literate / course specific) Domicile ( Sindh) Trade preference District wise allocation of seats Gender (preference)
BBSHRRDB verify each candidate though digital mechanishm, the online application form validate credintials from our master database, we have dedicated web-based FMIS-System for verication of each candidate. Finnaly BBSHRRDB use NADRA Verisys Technology for verification purpose.
No you can not apply again. BBSHRRDB offers only one time training to each candidate.

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