How to Apply as Training Provider,

Selection and Contracting with Training Providers

Advertisement for Request for Proposal is published in leading Newspapers to invite the proposals. RFP is prepared in accordance with the Sindh Pubic Procurement Act 2009 and the rules made there under. RFP contains industry/market based employable training courses/trades to cater the requirements of the market and the industry.

A training partner will apply for training in response to the EOI published in newspapers and submit Request for Proposals (RFP).

The RFP documents may either be downloaded from the Board’s website or collected from the head office of the Board, as and when EoI is published.

The RFP documents must be submitted before the closing date either through Courier or by hand on the address mentioned in the advertisement.

In case of submission of RFP document in the head office of the Board, an acknowledgement receipt with office seal be obtained. If the document (RFP) dispatched through Courier, the training partner must have the tracking id, Courier slip, date of receipt in the head office of the Board.

In case of missing of RFP document submitted by hand or sent through courier, a training partner shall have to produce acknowledgement receipt in case of manual submission and the date of dispatch of document, tracking id, Courier slip, date of receipt in the head office of the Board ,if dispatched through courier.

Formally registered vocational & technical training institutes may only apply.

Institutes will be required to submit audited financial statements for the last financial year preferably from a chartered accountant firm.

Selected training providers will sign a legal contract with the Board for each campus offered for imparting training. The Contract Agreement will contain the ToRs for imparting training. The signatories of the Contract will abide by these ToRs.

Simply sumbit your online application, our team will intimate you if you are matching all the criteria. You will be placed in neareast institution accoring to program guidlines and placment algorithm.
Selection criteria is; District Placement Plan, Age bracket (18-35) Qualification ( literate , semi-literate / course specific) Domicile ( Sindh) Trade preference District wise allocation of seats Gender (preference)
BBSHRRDB verify each candidate though digital mechanishm, the online application form validate credintials from our master database, we have dedicated web-based FMIS-System for verication of each candidate. Finnaly BBSHRRDB use NADRA Verisys Technology for verification purpose.
No you can not apply again. BBSHRRDB offers only one time training to each candidate.

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