The Powers and Functions of the Board

(i) To approve the annual plans of skill trainings for human resource development.

(ii) To conduct assessment on annual basis, cause to be published and to prescribe employable skill training courses.

(iii) To liaise with public and private sector institutes, schools, colleges, and universities imparting skill training courses to establish membership-based consortium (Human Resource Development Network).

(iv) To develop and maintain database of the graduates of various training courses and publish annual alumni directory.

(v)To formulate policies and guidelines to be followed by the institutes for performance against benchmarks.

(vi) To establish Management Information System based on monitoring and evaluation as a primary source, and to develop and maintain a robust web portal for exchange of information and skill training activities in the province;

(vii) To plan, design and develop curricula for its range of employment based training courses including soft skills package of communication and discipline for trainees of various trades to facilitate them to gain employment.

(viii) To participate in the expressions of interests (EoI) advertised by organization(s) other than the Board, for training and its related activities through competitive bids;

(ix) To acquire land, buildings and other assets through donation or transfer of rights to the Board and to sell, lease, exchange or otherwise dispose of any property vested in the Board.

(x) To hold and manage endowment fund non-lapsable consisting of its own budgeted resources, Government grants and other donations.

(xi) To create and abolish the posts, appoint the staff and define their duties and conditions of services.

(xii) To enter into contracts and agreements or other instruments as the Board may consider necessary.

(xiii) To do all other acts and things which are incidental or are required to further the objectives of the Board. Please

Download Act of Assembly 2013 for more information.

Simply sumbit your online application, our team will intimate you if you are matching all the criteria. You will be placed in neareast institution accoring to program guidlines and placment algorithm.
Selection criteria is; District Placement Plan, Age bracket (18-35) Qualification ( literate , semi-literate / course specific) Domicile ( Sindh) Trade preference District wise allocation of seats Gender (preference)
BBSHRRDB verify each candidate though digital mechanishm, the online application form validate credintials from our master database, we have dedicated web-based FMIS-System for verication of each candidate. Finnaly BBSHRRDB use NADRA Verisys Technology for verification purpose.
No you can not apply again. BBSHRRDB offers only one time training to each candidate.

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