District Monitoring Unit - DMU

District Monitoring Coordinator / Assitant Director (Monitoring & Evaluation) is the in-charge of District Monitoring Unit (DMU) and responsible for monitoring and evaluation in Public / Private sector trainings and coordinating in training related issues in his/her assigned District(s).


DMC in his overall duties and responsibilities will be accountable to Secretary of the Board and the Director- Training. DMC reports to respective PO in all reports relating to training institutes. DMC is responsible to carry out all activities and functions of the Board in the district.


DMC regularly monitors the duties and performance of the staff of DMU and will furnish the report to the head office at the end of each month. DMC immediately reports to the head office any irregularity or violation of the contract or directives of the Board, on part of the service provider or any staff of the DMU



Sr. District Program Officers District Monitoring Officer Contact No. Email Address
1 Badin Ms. Samreen Hamid
2 Dadu Mr. Imtiaz Soomro Mr. Tariq Aziz Khoro 0345-8209500 tariqueazeezkhuhro@gmail.com 
3 Ghotki Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Soomro Mr. Saeed Ahmed Sangri 0333-2158524 sangrisaeed@gmail.com
4 Hyderabad Ms. Sanobar Nisar  Mr. Khan Muhammad Zhangejo 0333-7121193 khanzangejo@gmail.com 
5 Jacobabad Mr. Shamsuddin Ujjan  Fida Khoso (Additional Charge) 0300-3409989
6 Jamshoro Ms. Samreen Hamid  Mr. Abdul Waheed Gadehi  0300-3078251 abidmir705@gmail.com
7 Kashmore@Kandhkot Mr. Yaseen Sabzoi Zameer Hussain 0333-7576367
8 Khairpur Ms. Samreen Hamid Mr. Nawaz Ali Pholpoto 0331-3074968, 0300-3101788 nawazphulpoto321@gmail.com
9 Larkana Mr. Yaseen Sabzoi  Mr. Fida Hussain Khoso 0300-3409989 fida.khoso@yahoo.com 
10 Matairi Dr. Shafquat Memon  Khan Muhammad Zangejo 0333-7121193  khanzangejo@gmail.com 
11 Mirpurkhas Ms. Sanobar Nisar  Ms. Nazeeran Laghari 0336-0865645, 0302-3318350, 0233-9290054 naziranleghari@yahoo.co.uk
12 Naushahro Feroze Mr. Imtiaz Soomro Mr. Shakeel Chandio 0301-8440696, 0300-3134649 chandio_shakeel@outlook.com 
13 Shaheed Benazirabad Mr. Imtiaz Soomro Mr. Niaz Hussain Ujjan 0300-7011023 niaz_bbsydp@yahoo.com
14 Qamber@Shahdadkot Mr. Yaseen Sabzoi  Mr. Allah Dino 0336-2329635, 0333-8835697, 0314-7733706 ad_iba@yahoo.com
15 Sanghar Ms.Sanobar Nisar  Mr. Tarique Khoro 0345-8209500 tariqueazeezkhuhro@gmail.com
16 Shikarpur Mr. Shamsuddin Ujjan  Mr. Zameer Hussain 0333-7121193
17 Sukkur Mr. Shamasuddin Ujjan Mr. Abdul Hakeem Zangejo 0315-3455585 hakeem_zangejo@yahoo.com
18 Tando Allahyar Ms.Sanobar Nisar  Ms. Yasmin Solangi 0331-3323566
19 Tando Muhammad Khan Ms. Samreen Hamid  Ms. Benish Kazi 0303-0129129 benish.qazi@hotmail.com
20 Tharparkar Ms. Samreen Hamid  Mr. Hameed Raza Shaikh 0334-2781020 hameedraza75@yahoo.com
21 Thatta Dr. Shafaqat Mr. Farooq (Look after Charge) 0333-7674655
22 Umerkot Ms. Samreen Hamid  Mr. Hameed Raza Shaikh 0334-2781020 hameedraza75@yahoo.com
23 Sujawal Dr. Shafaqat Mr. Farooq (Look after Charge) 0333-7674655
24 Karachi-Central Mr. Mehmood Ali Otho Mr. Samiullah Junejo 0333-7573042 Junejo.samiullah@outlook.com
25 Karachi-East Mr. Mehmood Ali Otho Mr. Asif Mehar 0332-2402922
26 Karachi-Korangi Syed Amir Akhtar Mr. Nadeem Aftab Siddiqui 03342022293, 0310-8567765 nadeem.bbsydp@yahoo.com
27 Karachi-Malir Syed Amir Akhtar Mr. Nadeem Aftab 0333-3393747 nadeemaftab.bbsydp@yahoo.com
28 Karachi-South Syed Amir Akhtar Ms. Almal Marvi 033-12250405, 0343-2129669, 0300-3458164 maarijo@gmail.com
29 Karachi-West Mr. Mehmood Ali Otho Mr. Samiullah Junejo 0333-7573042 Junejo.samiullah@outlook.com
30 Khairpur II Ms. Samreen Hamid  Ms. Benazir Bhatti 0302-8317722, 0303-3277786 benbhatti@yahoo.com

Last updated on 08th September, 2021.