Instructions for Training Partners
(Selected for Phase X (Batch-I)  Trainings under BBSYDP

Karachi Dated: Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Dear Training Providers,


    We are pleased to announce list of tentative selected candidates for Phase X Batch-I (GoS).
In-order to complete the electronic registration process in BBSHRRDB FMIS WEBPORTAL, You are advised to kindly follow following steps.

1.    Get your registration ID from District Monitoring Coordinator (DMC).
(View list of DMCs with contact No.)
We have introduced new and more advanced version Web-portal FMIS (Financial Management Information System) in BBSHRRDB.

2.    Visit  i.e. www.bbsydpsindh.pk/fmis or and use your FMIS Id and password provided by PO/DMC. And in-case if you have not received your FMIS User-ID please call your DMC.
after logging into system, you will find interactive dashboard where all the contract details are already available i.e No. of trades and seats awarded, live pie charts shows progress of registration. Initially we have provided temporary password, please change your password from "Settings"

3.    Click on PSTW menu, you will find the Placed Trainees option, click on Placed Trainees, you will see the grid where all the basic details of placed trainees are already available, call the candidates and ask them to join for free skill training offered by BBSHRRDB in your institute. Detail steps for registraion of trainees is also available in portal account.

4.    On reporting of candidate(s) at your institute, ask them to show original CNIC, check all the information and match with data available on portal. If you find and error in CNIC no or present address belongs to other province, please ask them to contact PCU-BBSYDP and do not register them on web-portal to those candidates. You may also ask detailed registration procedures, SOPs from your District Monitoring Coordinator.

5.    If you find that the CNIC information is correct and matched with portal database, Right Click on Action Button on any placed candidate you will find "Register Trainee" option. After selecting this option, a detailed registration form will open, complete the remaining fields, upload the photograph of candidate(it is mandatory, without uploading of photograph trainee can not be registered) click on Register button. You will receive the message balloon that "Trainee registered successfully". Step by step video tutorial for trainees registration / upload photograph / edit photograph and other fields is also avaialble for your assitance, Click here to View 

6.    Online offer letter and ID card printing facility is also available on web-portal, please insure to provide ID card and offer letter at the time of registration.

7.    All training providers have to mark daily online attendance at web portal. Step by step video tutorial for attendance marking is avaialble for your assitance, Click here to View 

    If you need any further assistance in registration process please feel free contact with DMC |Click there to view list of DMCs | or you may also contact with MIS section of BBSHRRDB

                                                                                                                                            M. Arsalan Aslam
                                                                                                                                           Manager - MIS