Public Sector Training Wing - PS

Public sector is responsible for receiving the Proposal For Training (PFT) (as per PC-1 format) which will be guided by market demand for the skill, post training employment opportunity and capacity to conduct quality training. These will be the main considerations while preparing and evaluating the proposals.

The Government Departments’ training will be conducted in their existing institutions, workshops or in some cases other public sector & private institutions specific to their fields.

The Public Sector would submit a draft PFT to PCU for initial screening and clearance by the Technical Committee. The Provincial Steering Committee-BBSYDP would review the final proposal of the department prepared in the light of recommendation of Technical Committee and approve PFT.

The PSC is a competent forum on the pattern of PDWP for final approval of PFT as being done by P&D Department for PC-I. If approved, the department would enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement with PCU to undertake the Program as per guidelines. There will be a clause in the MOU that 20% trainees must get employment after the training for the institution to remain a future partner in the program. After final approval from PSC and signing of MOU, PC-PCU would issue the Administrative Approval (AA) and the department would send head wise requisition for release of funds as per New Accounting Model (NAM). PCU would release funds on monthly or quarterly basis after receipt of requisition from Project Director (PD) and Administrative Secretary of the department as per DRO format.